We want to make people all over the world feel impressed by realizing a science-fiction scene that thrilled us in our childhood.

We want to create combat training like "The Matrix".

We want to create a future where experiences can be shared and operated intuitively, as in the case of "Minority Report”.

We want to dive into the game world like “Ready Player One” and “Sword Art Online”.

In the XR industry, which is expected to expand rapidly in the future, we will improve people's abilities in the sports and industrial fields by leveraging the world's only XR physical training technology.





The function to mimic the model motion (3D) will increase head speed and make the ball fly farther. In addition, by swinging along the board placed in the VR space, the ball is made to fly straight. More than 95% of the participants have increased their head speed and all of them have improved their swing form.



VR Kendama

the function to make the speed of ball slow then gradually fast and mimic professional moves, you will be able to perform a new technique easily in about five minutes! As of September 2019, 1,049 people have acquired the new technique, and it has been covered by many famous media due to its innovativeness. Furthermore, we won the award of excellence in the business category at the VR Creative Awards 2019.



Groove Fit Kingdom!

It's the latest VR rhythm and fitness game that combines a VR training system with a VR game.. Move your body to the music and clear various mini-games.The mini-games are very much a part of exercise. Each mini-game requires the player to make different movements, so the player has to work on the parts of the body they want to work on.



Welding VR

A 3D model of the movements in the hands of an expert is used to replicate the movements in the hands of an expert, so that first-time learners can easily imitate and learn efficiently. The representation of welding is carefully printed and faithfully reproduced with actual expert confirmation.


Create XR services that are used around the world.

ImaCreate Co., Ltd. is a cross between the word "imagination" and the word "create".
We believe that we can create anything we can imagine in the XR space.

  • Company Name
    ImaCreate Co., Ltd.
  • Location
    NEW CANAL 1002, 2-1-23 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0014, Japan
  • Representative Name
    Akihiro Yamamoto, Hitoshi Kawasaki
  • Establishment
    January 11, 2019
  • Capital stock
    71.9 million yen (including capital reserves, etc.)
    Major shareholders:Management team, Tokyo XR startups
  • Business Description
    Planning, development and operation of VR/AR/MR systems
    Consulting for VR/AR/MR
    Seminar and event management
  • Technical advisor
    Masahiko Inami(The University of Tokyo)
  • Corporation lawyer
    Hajime Idei(The law firm of Kottodori/Assistant Counselor in the Secretariat of the Cabinet Office for Intellectual Property Strategy)
  • Business partner
    KDDI, KOBELCO, Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Pokka Sapporo
  • History of the company
    1. Experience Sharing Inc. was established.
    2. Won the Excellence Award in the business category at the VR Creative Awards 2019.
    3. Experience Sharing Co., Ltd. merged with CanR Co., Ltd. and changed its name to ImaCreate Co., Ltd.